The scraps

I let my dog Charlie inside after we ate lunch. What Charlie didn’t know is I had filled his bowl with chicken and cheese. It was our leftovers, but lets be real he licks his own butt. I’m sure it doesn’t matter to him. I opened the door and in flies my Australian Shepherd. He immediately goes to the floor to sniff for the crumbs that have been left. I watch him anxiously sniff searching for a remnant of chicken left on the floor. I kept trying to usher him to his bowl to show him the treat I already had in his bowl. He ignored me and kept looking under my kitchen table for crumbs.

I felt God show me that’s what we do so often. As a believer we don’t go to our own bowl, we want the crumbs of others lives. Our bowl is absolutely filled to the top with something more delicious than we ever expected, but instead we wait for someone else to drop a crumb off their plate. I have a minister I follow who releases a daily topic god ministers to him on. They’re called bread crumbs. I understand the reference and I believe its very positive, but it was absolutely necessary in the wilderness. God dropped mana from heaven and fed the Israelites after they were freed by Moses from the slavery of the Egyptians. What was absolutely amazing at first became something to murmur about.

At first we are satisfied with food falling from heaven. Can you imagine? But after a while it didn’t sustain them. They were bored, tired, even over the supernatural miracle that was taking place daily. We get like that too. I watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs with my children. This completely made sense. If you’re fasting, skip this for another day. At first they were so happy pizza and French fries were falling from the sky, but they became bored and wanted MORE. The creations ended up being gross and the people were becoming gluttonous and were unsatisfied. I say that to bring out we are creatures of habit and we always want more.

I went to the lake and a friend spent years and years researching a boat. They fell in love with one and saved their money. They purchased it and enjoyed it for a few months then someone else came along, admired their boat and bought a bigger and nicer one. Suddenly that boat wasn’t good enough for them. What once brought them joy was just a place holder for something bigger and better to come. They were completely satisfied at one point until they were made inferior.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what other people have that we desire their possessions. We desire their spiritual gifts, their anointing, their husband/wife. We want what we cant have. My dog isn’t allowed in the house while we eat because he will simply take my boys food. He will desire something that was never his and reach up to grab it and get sent outside. We always want something we cant have.

God really had to humble my heart on this for a long time. I wanted the big house, the nice truck, the dog, the American dream. I would look at my home that God had us buy and feel upset because we had to totally renovate it all, and we weren’t afforded the luxury of living away for a month while someone else did it. We did project by project. Week by week, mostly alone. We had some help. My mom was a blessing with painting. My father in law helped with electricity. I truly was blessed with help, but I wanted more. I became covetous. I wanted the ready to walk in fully renovated HGTV home. That’s not what God had for me. God gave me a beautiful home for my family but I couldn’t get my head around it. He gave me a home that needed work so he could minister and speak to me through each little project. He gave me what I needed and more than I truly knew I wanted.

Just as my dog came inside looking at everyone else’s crumbs to see what he could lick off the floor, God showed me we always want what isn’t ours. He has a bowl full of chicken but because he’s so consumed with what we left behind he cant experience the goodness that’s in his own bowl.

Two weeks ago I was cleaning out the fridge and the lord spoke to me as clear as ever. He said,” throw away the things you don’t use regularly.” I am a mom of four and we had not had enough money to regularly buy groceries in over a few months. I hesitated. God said,” quit holding onto the scraps, I have so much more for you.” He then lead me to throw away everything I had not touched in a year in my pantry. Two large black grocery bags of food went into the trash. I wanted to cry, but it felt so good. I could see everything I had so clearly. The two licks of icing and empty salsa bottle were cleared so I could see the lunch meat I had. The cereal was neatly placed on its shelf and everything was viewable from the front. I cluttered my cabinets/fridge with so much stuff In fear that I thought,” I may need it.”

The reality is I was doing the exact same thing in my life. I was cluttering my mind and my home with things that God had no place for. It was just baggage. God wanted me to clear my mind from the things that were distractions from him. He wanted me to quit looking on Pinterest and build a dream board, but speak to him so he could reveal the desires he’s placed in my heart for the nations. He replaced clutter with purpose. He spoke life to dead things I was holding onto; just because. Charlie my dog didn’t realize his bowl was so filled with something better because he was so focused on licking the crumbs off the floor . Ask God what he’s placed In your bowl (metaphorically). Ask him what desires he has for you. Ask him to show you your purpose for the kingdom. Ask him for his leading and guiding from the Holy Spirit. Throw away the baggage and see clearly for what the lord wants to do with you. Walk in the freedom of a clean spirit and a purified heart. Quit holding onto the things that you think make you who you are. When you throw away the junk you realize what amazing things you truly have.

Right now we ask Jesus to reveal the things in your life that are truly cluttering your walk. What have been place holders for the Holy Spirit in your life? The enemy wants to keep you in bondage and comparison is the absolute thief of joy. Let God make a clean spirit within you. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and let him wash you white as snow. Have him shine a light in that darkness and let him sort out the rest. Walk in the fullness and the glory of the lord. He has so much more for you, throw away the scraps and taste of the goodness he has specifically for you. Walk in complete trust, and have faith. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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