The lord spoke the word persecution to my spirit. I really struggled at the beginning of 2020. I saw all these amazing prophesies and the word that the lord gave me was persecution. Talk about feeling like you missed God. I told my husband and a few select people about a dream I had. In essence the lord told me to go to a mall. In obedience I went and started witnessing to people about Jesus. As I spoke people were receiving the words the lord laid on my lips. I went into a store like I was doing previously and began to speak. This time was different. A man told me I couldn’t speak of Jesus. I was not to say his name again. As I turned around such a righteous indignation rose within me and I softly said, “ I will never deny Jesus.” That’s when the abuse began. In my dream this man was kicking, stomping, smacking me. He was trying to kill me, but he couldn’t. I was extremely weak, but kept managing to pull myself up. He would ask repeatedly, “what are you not going to say?” I would muster a smile together and softly but windily say “Jesus” in a whisper. The abuse would continue. At one point a young black man (color is important here and symbolic I believe it now confirms what’s going on in the world) caught my attention in the dream. I had previously spoken to him before the altercation ensued. He was watching me. He was observing my face every single time I was being kicked and beaten. I managed to pull myself up beside him and nod. The man who was beating me came behind me and grabbed me and shucked me to the ground and I reached out to the man, smiled and said, “Jesus is the way.” The man couldn’t touch me anymore. He turned around and left and I got up and walked outside. The young black man ran up to me and began weeping telling me, “If you could suffer that, I believe he’s real.”

Church, persecution is coming. Persecution has happened to the prophets of old. It happened to Jesus. It happened to all of his disciples. So many of the early church was chased down and beaten in the most gruesome ways. People in completely dark countries are jailed/beaten to death to date. Persecution is coming to America. I am not speaking of “someone offended me, or didn’t like my status.” Physical persecution is coming. As I watch the rioters and looters my heart swells because I see what’s coming for the church. I am not speaking of the peaceful protests, I actually completely agree with them. I am speaking of the people giving way to destruction for no cause besides self. We are fighting an invisible war, but its in the open. I look around and I cant help but see it all laid out so openly and I feel like no one sees it.

Now it the time for discernment. Now is the time for wisdom and knowledge. The Holy Spirit gives you these things and many more that you ask for. We are fighting a war that the enemy has such a stronghold in. Now is the time to RISE, put on the armor of God and quit fighting the battles you were never called to. This is greater than politics, this is greater than race. It’s greater than yourself. This is a war against our rights. This is a war against Gods people. Don’t fall into captivity because you were asleep in the light. Don’t babble out of your mouth if your ears aren’t open. Gods speaking and you can see who is listening. The Bible says, “ you will be persecuted for my name sake.” And that day is coming, very soon.

Don’t be fearful, but be filled with the spirit. Don’t fall into generational old religion, but taste of the living water of God. Repeating the same scripture is good, please do. I do not discourage that, but friend put it into life application. Let God santify you and wash you clean. Repent, for the hour is coming for the great and terrible day of the lord. He’s coming. He’s coming for his church. Don’t be discouraged, or dismayed. He will give you a peace that even when you are in direct fire of the enemy; you feel a calm, despite the storm around you.

My god fights for me! He heals me, delivers me, washes and cleanses me, and makes me whole. He has a plan for me, he has a plan for you. Don’t fall away when persecution comes, but dive in deeper. Do the exact opposite of what the world tells you. Run into the fire that melts away your sin, but never burns. Be a consuming fire for God. Now isn’t the time to be lead astray from sound doctrine, but now is the time to move when the spirit of God leads. Move and do what God speaks to you. Unloose the chains on your feet and walk in the spirit. Your feet will be shod with the preparation of peace within that first step. You will trample your enemies without even touching them.

Get into the secret place, do your first works over, and let him restore you. Walk in his glory and be obedient. For the time is near. Be not scared of the fiery trial when it comes to test you. Rejoice that you share Christ’s sufferings and be glad when his glory is revealed. You are blessed because the spirit of God and glory rests on you. (1 peter 4:12-14) now is not the time to be lukewarm in your faith. Jesus even said, “if this cup may pass from me, let it.” But that wasn’t Gods will. Now is the time church. Wake up, stand up, put on your armor and listen from the instruction of the lord. You’ve prayed for revival, but now that it doesn’t look the way you wanted; don’t say it isn’t God. He’s moving mightily. Trust him, despite your feelings. Persecution is coming, but so is the fire of the lord. That same fire destroyed sodom and Gomorrah, but filled the disciples with the spirit. Which fire do you want of the lord?

Revival you’ve prayed for is about to be birthed during the persecution you do not want. The lord is calling his people out of hiding. He’s placing his warriors strategically. Now is not the time to grow lukewarm with the state of the world, but to be in the secret place of prayer. Now is the time to pray without ceasing. Know your fathers voice and obey him as the spirit leads. You will be hated. You will be mocked. As the disciples said they wanted to be sitting at his right hand. (Mark 10;35-45) They wanted the same baptism Christ had. Jesus said,”you do not know what you ask.” It was the baptism of suffering, and its at hand.

We’ve preached and taught “ you may be laughed at, or even called stupid” that’s the least of what’s coming. The disciples all were martyred, minus john ( but he was tarred and sent to the island of Patmos to die). They preached the gospel despite being imprisioned, despite being hated, despite being publicly ridiculed. The lord is separating the wheat from the chaff. The fields are prepared with the greatest harvest that’s about to come. Hes preparing his laborers. Be prepared to work hard. Be prepared to lose friends and maybe even family. Be prepared to look foolish for his name sake. The hour is coming and the church is separated and divided now. Religion is being broken. Denomination is being destroyed. Universally we have to unite, and I see it happening before my very eyes. We all know his return is soon coming and all the “politics of religion” are unimportant and being pushed aside for the greater cause. Darkness is being brought to light. The enemy is scrambling and exposing himself. War, anger, and hatred are abounding. Stay grounded, don’t look to the world for your answers but look to heaven. Stay in tune with the Holy Spirit. I believe the greatest awakening is going to be birthed during the most trying time this country has ever seen. Don’t waste your time arguing small trivial things with people of different mindsets, but show the love of Christ in everything you do. You are being watched, don’t let your guard down and act in the flesh, but continually walk in the spirit. Church perfect love casts out fear. Be made perfect in love in him and watch how the fear of the world falls away. Be not weary but press in despite the discomfort. He’s returning soon for his bride.

God help us! God protect us. Expose the plans of the enemy. Prepare our hearts for the harvest. You are in control and you love your children. You have a plan for us. Lord please give us strength and obedience to carry out your will. Let us be quick to hear, and slow to speak. This is the final hour, the final moments and we seek your face. Let everyone who reads have their hearts exposed father. I pray that you would humble your children’s hearts. The time is nigh and the hour is coming. You are in control despite my feelings. You are in control despite my uncertainty and my unbelief at times. Lord change us, wreck us, mold us, and let us feel your peace and glory in uncertain times. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. Your promises are yes, and amen. The honor, and the power, and the glory is yours. I praise you father and I love you. In Jesus name, amen.

Mark 10:38

John 15:18

Matthew 5:10

1 Peter 4:12-14

2 Corinthians 12:10

Romans 8:35

Romans 12:14

Revelation 2:10

Matthew 10:22

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