Spiritual Warfare

Recently my husband became very sick. He had every symptom of COVID-19. We were making light of the sickness as a whole. But when it effects someone you love, your concern suddenly is different then before. Out of no where he had a fever of 104, and couldn’t get from the car inside the house. His breathing was very scarce and a cough almost made him drop. I walked him to the bedroom and he made the statement that the enemy whispered to him, “Elisha has become sick with the illness which he had died.” (2 kings 13:14) We realized this was a spiritual attack. Sometimes we just get sick, and other times its an attack from the enemy.

The enemy likes to hit you with something you just ministered to someone else in. Healings have been taking place in our home, very tremendously. I was recently healed of anxiety, and food allergies. We are speaking healings over our marriage, and our finances. We have spoken healings over our ministry and its no surprise the enemy is countering us with a sickness. Oftentimes the devil makes you practice what you preach. When God reveals something he has for you, often here roars the enemy sticking up his nasty neck and comes to stop what was spoken.

Recently I was studying Jacob in the Bible, and the lord brought such a revelation to me. Most of us understand the story of Abraham. He was to be the “father of many nations” and his wife was barren. We know Sarah allowed Hagar to lay with her husband and produce an heir, Ishmael. We know Isaac was a promise from the lord and through that child he had Esau and Jacob. Now that we understand all the “begets”.

Okay, let me explain what the lord so clearly placed on my heart. Abraham was promised to be the father of many nations. That can only come through bearing a lineage. It couldn’t come to pass with out a fruition of children. We realize Sarah was barren, but did you realize Rebecca battled becoming pregnant as well, as did Rachel. (Genesis 25:21 & Genesis 30) What’s the quickest way to stop someone from being a father? Attacking the wombs of their wives. The wombs were attacked so that children couldn’t be bore in the lineage in which God had ordained. But what happened? God prevailed. As the name Israel means, “God will prevail.”

It’s no secret what came to pass. Abraham beget Isaac, Isaac beget Jacob, Jacob beget his twelve sons (which became the twelve tribes of Israel. The attack was unsuccessful because God prevailed, like he always does) What would have happened if they all spoke death and damnation to their attack. It’s one thing to acknowledge it, but its another to speak “its no good.” “I don’t believe I can have kids.” “I am cursed.” “I don’t deserve (insert thing you need)” Abraham spoke a promise, and even though he didn’t live to see it completely fulfilled, he trusted God to lead his steps. He trusted him when all the odds were against his favor. How often do you curse a promise? How often do you doubt?. Imagine if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, and spoke life instead of death. What fruition would come to pass in our own lives?

We had a pool purchased for us at the very beginning of the summer. I have so many stories about it. Ive spent quite a lot of time in it. We enjoy it a lot. God really ministers to me in it. As my kids are playing, I have a little bit of quiet time with nature overall. God just speaks so clearly in that time. So with that being said when the weather is slightly cloudy we encounter such an uncomfortable amount of “no see-ums”. Yes, that’s what they call them. I’m sure there’s a long scientific name. If you haven’t encountered them, count yourself as lucky. They are practically invisible to the naked eye. They resemble a freckle. If you have fair skin and freckles, good luck finding it. They’re a slightly red/orange color.

I explain that so you’ll understand what God showed me. When you are on the sideline and on the fence (stairs in my case) you are open to the attack, but once submerged into the water, those little devils cant hold on. It’s identical to what happens when you are battling demonic attacks. When you’re standing with one foot in the world, and the other in the kingdom, you’ve left yourself completely open to be eaten alive. Once you’re fully submerged in the water, its like they want to jump on you, they just cant hang on. They will still manage to touch you if you get near the sides, but you overall are submerged in the living water of Jesus Christ. You will encounter attacks, especially when you begin walking in your callings, and closer with God. But you have a peace in him, despite what is going on. You notice if somethings attacking you immediately, and you get rid of it. Like those pesky little no see ums. Some things can only come through prayer and fasting, or worship, or tears. God will expose it, and show you how to combat it.

My girls and I have a little song I made to teach them the Armor of God. While we do it as a little dance and song, its so important. The lord literally tells you what to pray. He tells you we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Then it says “take unto you the WHOLE armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand. (Ephesians 6:12-18) Put on your armor daily! The enemy is looking for an open door, or a weak spot in your chain. Stay in prayer, without ceasing. How do you combat the enemy? We follow the same example Jesus set before us.

If we read about the temptation while Jesus was in the wilderness, we see a pattern. ( Matthew 4: 1-11) Jesus combatted the devil with scripture. It is so powerful to know Gods word. The devil said “IF you’re the son of God, command these stones be bread”. “If he’s the son of God? He knew exactly who he was, but he was trying to make him doubt his identity. Jesus replied with, “it is written Man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (scripture Deuteronomy 8:3) Then when the devil saw that didn’t work, he attacked again by taking him up on the pinnacle of the temple saying, “IF you’re the son of God, cast thyself down. For it is written, “he shall give his angels charge concerning thee, and they shall bear thee up in their hands, and not let him hit his foot against a stone.” So he literally once again said “IF” to insure doubt of who he was, then used scripture back as an attack on him to try and sway him. (Psalm 91:11-12) I love how Jesus responds. He says again, “it is written, thou shalt NOT tempt the lord thy God.” (Duet. 6:16) So the devil took him up the a high mountain and showed him all the world and the kingdoms and riches. He said, “ all these things I will give you, if you will fall and worship me. “ Jesus wasted no breath and said, “get the away Satan! For it is written, “thou shalt worship the lord thy God, and only him shall you serve.” The devil left and the angels ministered to him.

The biggest thing I take is, know scripture. The enemy knows the scriptures too. He countered after Jesus’s first response to him about turning the stones into bread, with saying “it is written” to trick him with scripture. Discernment is SO important. Ive talked with some people, and they’ve used a scripture to justify something ungodly. You have to not only read the scripture, but seek the Holy Spirit for the correct interpretation. We will sway things to align with things we want it to. The heart will always deceive us, so your heart has to absolutely be pure, in him. The scriptures aren’t a pizza, we cant pick and choose what we want in it. You have to know Gods word, so when someone tries to deceive you using scripture, or when the enemy attacks. You can immediately come back as Jesus did, with power and authority.

So many of God’s children are being drug by the enemy because they throw Gods promises away the second things get hard. They immediately doubt, and have unbelief. They don’t know they have the authority to combat demonic forces in Jesus name, and be victorious. You do NOT go looking for battles. Do not go into things you were not Called to, or you’ll leave like the 7 sons of Sceva. Put on your armor of God, and align yourself exactly how God says to. Stand on his truth, and his promises. If not doing anything else, stand. God doesn’t want us to tuck tail and curse his blessings in our lives because of a lack of discernment and a lack of intimacy with him, and his word. He wants you to speak truth and be victorious. When we fight a spiritual battle, and we do it spirit lead and win, heaven rejoices. Speak “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind.”(2 Timothy 1:7) “My God fights for me.” (Deuteronomy 20:4) “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” (isaiah 54:17) “if God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

Keep your heart pure. Keep praise on your lips. Trust him when opposition comes. Trust his promises and things he has shown you on your life. Satan will often attack you in the very area Gods spoken promises/callings/life/freedom in your life. Speak his truths and combat the enemy with “it is written”, call him a liar, and use scriptures that counter. You will be victorious. Be lead by the spirit. Obedience is greater than sacrifice and God always comes through. It may feel like a really long time, and not in any way, shape or form like you expected. But his ways are not like ours. His thoughts are not like our thoughts. (thank goodness) Trust him. We must repent, then truly listen to his voice, and do what he’s saying. Just as the word came to pass for Abraham, he healed my husband. He ended up being negative for coronavirus, and was able to make a speedy recovery. God is so good, and remains in control despite our trials, temptations, and fears. When we know the father personally, we know were going to be ok, despite what’s thrown at us.

Father we thank you for showing us how to withstand the attacks of the enemy. Thank you for your son. Thank you for what you do in our life. Thank you for the battles you’ve won for us without us even having to lift a sword. You have our best interest at heart. Give us your eyes so we can see clearly. Give us your heart so we can feel what you feel. Give us your voice so we may speak your truths, and be bold, despite our feelings. Give us your power by your mighty Holy Spirit, and prepare us for all you have. You are so gracious and merciful. I pray for everyone reading. I pray you love on them and show who you truly are. You’re a loving and good father. Your sons and daughters need to know how you truly feel about them. Our identity is in your words, and your words set us free from sin and bondages. Your words show us your love, and who you are. Thank you for fighting for us. Expose the root, and the doors that are allowing the enemy a foot hold in. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

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