About a month ago I almost burned down my kitchen. I have never had an experience like that in my life. One minute I’m boiling water, and the next flames engulfed my stovetop. This isn’t at all what this post is about, and eventually God will lay something on my heart to tie into that. I say all of that because my whole house was completely smoky. I had to race the kids to the car and drive around while my house aired out. I picked up lunch, and we ate in the car. This is typical a big no for us, but given the circumstances, I allowed it.

As we were loading up in the car to grab groceries my husband noticed ants on our oldest sons side. Within minutes we realized they were EVERYWHERE! We ran the kids in the house and we began removing every article of clothing imaginable. I have four little ones, so shoes, jackets, and bows fill my backseats. I was throwing everything out in the middle of my driveway. I couldn’t believe the ants were so bad. As I finally cleared all articles of clothing out, we were able to see them all. They were scattered, but visible.

The lord spoke to me so clearly. He said, “ For I am exposing.” Puzzled I asked him what he meant. The lord said to me:

“Everything in the darkness is being brought to the light.

I am exposing the “in secret” and “the heart” of many. For I am exposing.

This will cause a great repentance over the land.

The ants are scattering and exposing themselves. I am taking care of them.

I am exposing the darkest of these and bringing my light for a reformation.”

I immediately wrote it all down. The world is looking so dark, and it’s looking so chaotic. The only thing different from what’s going on today, and what was happening 5 years ago is it is exposed. We are finally seeing the heinous crimes being done with children. We are now exposed to the demonic realm cults that sacrifice children and do absolutely heinous things that would absolutely cause you to puke if you looked into it. He is exposing it all. He is shining his marvelous light, and the darkness cannot hide from the light!!! Satan strategies have been revealed, it is all exposed.

God is exposing the elite, former presidents, the 1% of wealth that rules the country, the real heart of many, the false prophets, and the wolves in sheeps clothing. He is exposing the sin in the church, and in the world. The more the ants would run around, the more visible they became to my eyes. If they had stayed, I would not have seen them, but their fast movement brought my attention to them. That’s what is happening in the spiritual realm. Many dark forces are being exposed and they are scattering the people around. Everyone is running around trying to cover their tracks, but instead they’re exposing themselves.

I grabbed the vacuum and I began sucking them all up. The more I grabbed, the more came out. Suddenly all of this made absolute sense. The false prophet media is spewing her lies in the name of the world, and the false information she is given from the enemy. She is causing division and fear, and it is abounding in the land.

The lord is saying,” my prophets, my children, my sons and daughters: arise and walk in thine anointing. Walk in thy glory and seek my face. For you are a mighty generation with my spirit indwelling. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. I am pouring out my spirit in these last days. Dream my dreams, speak my words, for the time is nigh. Pick up your shields of faith and pray daily. Seek my face and my direction. This is one of the hardest battles, but I have equipped you with the armor that you need to defeat the wiles of the enemy. Through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, my people are emerging and they are setting the captive free. Pray against the demonic realm. Pray strategically and pray diligently. Place your feet where I tell you, jump when I tell you. For I know the way. Many will call upon me in these final days. The enemy is a liar. I have come not to condemn but to set free. Walk and abound in me, and I in you. For thus sayeth the lord God of hosts, I am coming. I am coming soon. Repent, repent, repent! Set the captive free and don’t lose sight of me.”

Father: we love you! We praise you and we worship you. Let us not grow weary in due time, but walk in your anointing and in your glory. Let us put up blinders to the false prophet media and let us look to you for your word, and your spirit. Let us seek you and lead the life you’ve chosen for us. Expose our hearts, mend us father, make us whole. You have the power. You are the glory. You are God, and in control despite the chaos. We thank you for your protection and your mercy and grace. In Jesus name, amen.

2 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. God has given a wisdom beyond your years simply because you are listening , absorbing his word and practicing his commandments. God bless you.
    Donna Kaye


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