The Great Distraction

Fear abounds in the land and the people run scattered. Anxiety is rapidly escalating and people are searching for the truth. Now more than any other time we have faced the tip of the iceberg of persecution. Offense lures in almost every single conversation. Fear makes people act out in either aggression, or makes them hide. Some people are walking up to random people and screaming at them for not wearing masks. Some are screaming as they type, “stupid” at people for sharing their opinions, or even people who are trying to share the truth. Then some are so riddled with anxiety that they haven’t left their homes in months. This isn’t to express one way is right, and one isn’t. My opinion is irrelevant. Do what you feel you need to do for you and your family.

This is about the great distraction. Whether you pull for the left or the right is irrelevant. We are so consumed with man’s promises and man’s words that we fail to realize the truth of the almighty God. The Lord said in the last days, it will be like the days of Noah. He flooded the earth because it was so corrupted. Let that really sink in. The Bible says, “the Lord was sorry he had made man on earth, and he was grieved in his heart” (Genesis 6:6). We are living in the last days. Some people are going to scoff and get upset.

You’re seeing like 8% of the big picture here. Everything being implemented right this very second is preparing the way for the antichrist. Every single bit of it. From the mask, to the vaccine, to the microchip that’s going to be mandatory. It’s all stepping stones for the church to get raptured, and the people left behind to fall into the tribulation. We are living in the last days and the church is so distracted arguing with non believers about irrelevant things. Believers, are you in prayer for the lost as much as you are arguing with them on social media? It’s time to get our priorities straight.

Awareness is being brought about in so many areas. The darkness is coming to light, and it is being exposed. The lord spoke a word to my heart about the elite being like ants and how the more they scatter to hide, the more they are expoing themselves. The lord says “vengeance is mine.” These topics are so hard, and so many immediately dismiss them because it doesn’t fit into their box, or their agenda of what’s supposed to take place. It doesn’t fit their picture of what their life is “supposed to be”.

I keep hearing the “new normal” and there is nothing normal about this. The enemy is in overdrive and right now the world is in absolute chaos. People don’t know whether to look left or right. Regardless God places people in power, and a good majority of Israel’s kings were bad. Look it up. Some did good, but so many didn’t.

Where are the John’s crying out in the wilderness saying, “make way for the lord returning?” Where are the Elijah’s calling out the blatant sin of the rulers despite the persecution that’s going to follow? Where are the Peter’s who make mistakes, but recognize/correct them, then lead many to the lord? God is showing us the signs of the time. Don’t pray for him to change things, despite the prophesy that must come to pass. Pray for the Holy Spirit to shine from you in the darkest of places. Pray for him to heal through you laying of hands on people who are hurt among you. Cast demons out of people. Give the word of knowledge he places on your tongue for the lady at walmart, or pay for the elderly mans groceries. Have compassion as your Heavenly Father has compassion on you.

My Gosh church, rise up and shine the light of Jesus in the most uncertain time this world has ever seen. I can assure you, the “new normal” that the false prophet media is spewing to you is full of deceit, distractions, and fear. Open your eyes, but also make sure your heart is right with the father. The lord is saying, “Your robes are stained, and you are backslidden. Repent. Repent. Repent.!!! The day of the lord is coming so soon. He doesn’t want any to perish. Jesus didn’t die for a few, but so ALL may be saved. Ultimately the choice is theirs, and many refuse him.

Ask God for eyes to see people how he sees them. Many will cry “lord, Lord” and he will say, “depart from me, I never knew you.” Is your salvation in your heart? Are you only striving for works, and numbers in the church? Are you on fire with the Holy Spirit, so much so that you don’t care if you look like a fool for the gospel, or do you care about tickling mans ears with a candy coated message?.. Jesus is holding out his hands. The time is coming where he will return. Are you ready? Where is your heart? Did you once know him, but you aren’t as intimate as you once were? Are you waking up and praising him? Are you seeing any miracles with people? If not, test the temperature of your heart. With all other uncertainties in the world, make sure you know where your heart is with the father. Allow God to heal you, so he can use you to heal others.

Cry out for the lost. Command healing for the hurting. Ask for his words to fill your mouth for the broken. Be a light in this dark world. You may be the only person that people see Jesus through. Faith over fear. The greatest move of God we’ve ever seen is going to come through the persecution we are about to face. Make sure you know who you serve. Jesus is king. He’s returning soon. I’m not ashamed to say it. I know he’s real. Quit being distracted with the world, and look up to the father!

Father. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. Give us wisdom. Give us peace, despite what happens to our physical bodies. You are so real, and you are so good Jesus!. Let our mouths be filled with the Holy Spirit and let every word that we speak be from our spirits and not our emotions. The lost are staring at us, they’re looking for help, and were asleep in the light. God minister to their hearts and let what you need them to see. Start a fire down inside their soul that they cannot contain or control.. Lord prepare us. Equip us. Mold us. Guide us. We love and we thank you for your hedge of protection in our lives, You are the author of our life, and only you give and take life. Let us be prepared when persecution comes.

If you don’t know Jesus as your lord and savior, and you want to be saved. The lord says, “whosoever shall call on the lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13) Tell him you repent. Ask him to come into your heart, and save you. Jesus died for you. He loves you. He wants you to have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. He wants you to experience that peace that passes all understanding. The world can only offer you so much. God offered you his son, and the day is coming very soon when he returns for his bride. Make sure you know him. The demons believe in Jesus, but its about serving him, and having a relationship with him.

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