Where Will You Go?

I sat in my dining room chair. The kids just cleared their plates, but I was still eating lunch. I watched as my two year old jumped on the back of the couch. Before I could even get up I yelled,”NO! SIT DOWN”. I wasn’t trying to be mean, but I could see the big picture of what was going to take place. All my son could see is he was having fun, and enjoying his life. I saw him on the back of the couch in danger of the curtains getting caught under his feet and the heavy curtain rod falling on his head. They’ve fallen on me before, and almost knocked me out. I could only imagine the force hitting my small two year old.

The curtains were buckled and ready to fall any second. Quickly I stood up, and I held my hand out calmly. I said, “come on, lets get you down.” But he shook his head no, and kept bouncing. I told him,” you’re going to get hurt.” To which he nodded and said, “nope.” I finally raced over and was able to grab him just before the curtain top snapped. I saved him, and he was grateful when he saw what would have happened if had he stayed.

The lord spoke to me so clearly. He said, “My children are warning the lost to come home. They are saying the return of the lord is soon, and they don’t care. They’re enjoying themselves and saying no casually, but cant see the big picture.”

Y’all, I love you all. That’s why I keep writing things the lord has laid on my heart. I keep weeping for the broken-hearted, and unsaved. The Bible is literally unfolding “the last days” prophesied and we are most definitely living in them. More so now than ever. I see so many arguing over politics, and other issues.

My question is “do you know Jesus?” “Are you certain where you would go if you died this very moment?” “Do you believe, or do you serve him? So many think they are saved from an encounter 15 years ago where you accepted him in your heart, but then never had a relationship. Then went back to the way you lived before. Friend, that’s a backslidden condition. That’s fine if you were baptized at 8, but where are you now? Analyze your heart. Are you dying out to self daily? Are you reading his word? Are you even talking to him, or do you only call on him when you need help. Then go back to ignoring him. He didn’t only die to save a few, but so ALL could be saved. You make that choice. What have you chosen? The world is so dark and so full of sin. For some this is the closest to hell they’ll ever live in. But unfortunately for many this is the closest to heaven they will see. I cant imagine. It absolutely breaks my heart. He’s returning soon. His last words were, “surely I come quickly.” Everything is being paved for the rapture. All the signs are here. Do you know him personally, or do you know of him?

God saved me from the shell of a human being I was. To society standards I was doing great, but I was so empty. Something was missing. God not only filled that void, but changed me and gave me a purpose I couldn’t even begin to fulfill on my own. He is so real. The world will lie and say he’s an “imaginary friend, or “a crutch for the weak.” That’s so far from the truth. There’s more to death than rotting in dirt. He is eternity. He is holding out his hands for the prodigal to come home. He loves you!!! He is alive and speaks to me every day. He is definitely real, and he is returning very soon.

If you don’t know Jesus as your lord and savior, call out and say “Save Me God.” The Bible says, “whosoever shall call upon the lord shall be saved.” Call upon him. Repent. Ask for your sins to be forgiven, as you forgive those who have sinned against you. Jesus laid aside his deity to become humanity, so you could be saved and go to heaven. He was born of a virgin (as prophesied) He lived a sinless life. He died on the cross for all of your transgressions, rose on the third day, ascended to heaven, sent his Holy Spirit, and Is coming soon for his bride. Jesus didn’t have to die, he chose to. What are you choosing? Do you know where you stand? This isn’t about attending a church service, but having intimacy with your creator. If death touched you right this second, where would you go?

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