Hot,Cold, or Lukewarm

We look at the world, and clearly it isn’t getting any better. Right now if the lord returns, can you without a doubt say you know where you are going? It’s a hard and dry pill to swallow, but someone has to say it. Do you serve the lord? Do you walk, and talk with him? Are you hot, cold, or lukewarm?

Gods word says he would rather you be cold, than lukewarm. Unfortunately that’s where a good majority of the modern church is. It is prophesied in the last days there will be a great falling away. The lack of sound doctrine and the 30 second heated gospel. The bowl is warm but the center of the meal is ice cold. That’s where a lot of church-goers are. There’s a likeness of godliness but none of him thereof. For so many its a social gathering.

This isn’t an easy message to type, but it has to be said. Do you know him, or do you know of him? Do you have relationship, or is he like a distant acquaintance you reach out to when you really need something?

The lord is returning soon. The earth is shaking. The signs of the time are here, and many have waxed colder and colder. The hearts are full of fear, and lack desire for kingdom work. We sit comfortably in our adorned outfits, raising our hands occasionally, and sipping on our lattes; all while we tell ourselves “were good people”. But the lord is speaking and saying, “repent! You have a form of godliness, but you are not serving me, but your image. Self is not the gospel!” We are so focused on our images and care of what others think more than what God does. We then continue to walk blindly, and lead many along with us into a ditch. You cannot serve God and man. You absolutely cannot. If you spend ten minutes reading the word and talking to the lord, then spend 6 hours on Netflix, repent! Get the false idols out of your life! Anything that takes importance over God is a false idol. It can be an electronic, social media, tv show, your child, work, porn, the gym. The list goes on.

God didn’t send his son so we could be bound my sin and coexist with our demons. He sent his son so we could not only get into heaven, but so we could be free from sin! Jesus paid our debts to sin. He paid the price by giving his life. Sin separates us from the father. It seems like such a wild concept, then you encounter God and you see who he is. Not what religion teaches but never experiences, but you feel his presence and you can’t compare it to anything else in this fallen world. You feel this overwhelming sensation of love, and you know everything in that moment is going to be ok, regardless of the situation at hand.

God doesn’t want us to attend a building three times a week, to say we did. He wants us to go out and preach the gospel to the broken hearted. He wants us to set the captives free, by casting out demons, and healing people. The true gospel is being so watered down that it appears to be godly, but it’s a masked face with an unsantictified heart. So many are saved, but live in this reoccurring lack of intimacy and walking this fine line of being half way in the world, and in the kingdom at the same time. We are one hiccup from being backslidden, and the world sees no change in us. We taint the ministry by not allowing the lord to cruicify our flesh and transform our lives. We have preached this, taught this, and many Fall away from the church because they can’t see any difference from the modern church, and the world. Salvation is treated like a punched ticket out of hell, but no relationship with the father, and no change. Oh the cries for revival abound far and wide, yet no one seeks the face of the lord for his will. We speak from our mouths theological thoughts of dead men, but our hearts are so far removed from the father that we cant even recognize his voice. We think we just had a strange thought or my favorite, “a pizza dream.”

We are trying to pour out from a cup we haven’t bothered to fill. The lord is love, he is grace, he is mercy, but is also NOT to be mocked. We understand his grace that came after his son giving his life, but he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn’t change with the times, we do. We haven’t served an evolving God, we’ve served an idea of who we thought God is without seeking him to actually find out who he is. The lord is calling out to the deep. He’s reaching out and so many are swatting his hand away. God loves you so much. Don’t settle for a lukewarm gospel. Put on your combat boots, because it is war. The lord is returning soon and many in that great and terrible day of the lord will say, “lord, lord” and he will say, “depart from me, I never knew you.” The time is now! Do you know him, or do you know of him? The lord says “do your first works over” (Repent!) lay down your life, and allow God to heal you, change you, transform you, and set you free. Allow the Potter to mold you like clay, and break you for his purpose.

This season we have on earth is just that, a season. We are essentially like a flower. We bloom for a short period of time, then spend eternity either with the father, or in hell. God doesn’t send people to hell, they choose it. You cannot serve God and serve the world. You can store up earthly treasures, but you cant take them with you. We are born alone, and die alone. What happens if you gain the whole world, but lose your soul? God is eternal, our problems are minuscule. Make sure your salvation is in your heart, not your head. “Whosoever shall call upon the lord shall be saved.” Its simple. The gospel is simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. To live is Christ, and to die is gain! I don’t want to die and think I’m secured and the lord say to me, “depart from me, I never knew you.” I want to hear him say, “Good job my good and faithful servant. You finished the race, and you kept the faith.” You can get mad at this, but I refuse to stand before the lord and be accountable for a lukewarm gospel that sent many to hell. Candy is sweet, but it gives a toothache. God is love, but he is also wrath. He is peace, but he is war. He is coming and of this I am sure. The signs of the time are now. Raise your hands, search your heart, and just obey. He loves you and he is calling out to you. Are you hot, cold, or lukewarm?

Matthew: 7:21-23
Romans 10:13
James 1:12
Matthew 25:13
Matthew 15:14
John 3:16-17
2 Timothy 2:21
Galatians 2:20
Romans 6:6

Father: Lord, purify their hearts. Make your presence so known that there is no denying who you are. I speak against unbelief in Jesus name, and I pray that faith would be strengthened. I pray false doctrine would be exposed and the many that were lead astray will wake up before your return. I pray that you would mark these hands to heal, and set those bound by the devil free. I pray you would show your children who you are, and why we are here. I seek you, and I pray that you cleanse us. Let our eyes see, and our ears hear. The time is now. Equip your church for what’s about to take place on this earth. I pray all assignments by the devil are cancelled off your children, and they would experience your yoke, and your burden which is light. I pray the religion would fall off, and the repentance would cry out so loud in the land that the deep and lost return home. God we need you more now than ever before. Anoint your called, prepare your chosen. The battle is near and we need to be ready. In Jesus name I pray, amen!.

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