Your Perception Isn’t Always Reality

Recently I had a very comical, and alarming experience. I was using the bathroom and I looked out the window and saw a large man looking up right into my windows. I let out a loud shriek and they turned around and went into the woods behind my house. I called the police in a panic, and they sent someone to my home 30 minutes later. I paced back and forth peering from window to window. In my mind I had assumed this man had peeped into all of my windows. I just knew that he had ill intentions. He was plotting to rob me, or even worse. The scenarios played out, and each one progressively got worse in my mind. My children were panicked, and hiding in a closet. Here I am a small framed woman, thinking of all the bad that could have happened.

The officer gets here, and he asks what happened, and I explain. He says they will check out the area. I never heard what happened, and my nerves were on edge the rest of the day. I prayed and just stayed hunkered down in my house. My husband probably broke every speed limit sign in Atlanta to race home to me. He walks inside and asks what direction they went. I point and he goes off. I am honestly scared for the man at this point. My husband door knocks and finds the culprit.

Before I share that detail, I will say. There is a dog that gets out on my road. She’s a beautiful purebred husky with bright blue eyes. I have a large fenced in backyard, so when she gets out she comes to my front door and waits for me. Mainly because I give her treats and lure her into my fence, so she doesn’t get hit by a car. Then usually her mom comes and opens the fence and just grabs her out. She’s appreciative, and I get sweet puppy time without the responsibility of having one. So fast forward to my husband finding the culprit; Apparently, Lexie the husky has two mommies. I was unaware of this. The one I know is a smaller framed woman. So as my husband knocks, her second mom answers and my husband says he had to look up to her. He said she was about 6’2 and immediately she fits the description of who I explained. Down to the hair, and shirt color. He explains the situation, and just said It startled me and he was sorry for the misunderstanding. She was just looking for her puppy, but happened to look up because she heard something. (Which was me using the bathroom). I saw her looking up and assumed she was a he, and that they had ill intentions. Do you see how truly off I was?

As my husband gets out of his truck and walks into the house, he has a grin on his face. As he tells me what took place, the fear melts away and suddenly I begin to laugh and feel the weight fall off my shoulders. So I’m here to say, “sometimes our perception on an issue is not the reality.” We may stress ourselves sick about an issue, that doesn’t even exist. Or maybe it does, but we read someone’s emotions wrong and perceived they were acting rude, when in reality it came from a place of love.

Jesus was perceived as an annoyance by the priests. The Pharisees mumbled and grumbled because he disturbed the Holy appearance. He spoke of them being hypocrites. He spoke of their clean and beautiful garments, yet their hearts were dirty inside. (Their cup being washed on the outside, but not the inside.) They wanted to be seen, and heard. The truth was not in them, but they just wanted everyone to admire them. The priests and Pharisees accused Jesus of being from Satan, they said “he casts out demons by( a false god) beelzebub. To which he responded, “ a house divided against itself falls. If Satan is divided against himself how will his kingdom stand? If I cast them out by (false god) beelzebub then by whom do your sons cast them out?” Jesus always had such beautiful wisdom to answer these religious people. They appeared so holy. People perceived them as being holy and perfect, but in reality it was not the truth. They cared about how they looked, but when the messiah actually came, they didnt accept him. Sometimes in life, we desperately want to see something that our flesh approves as holy, when in reality it opposes God.

Right now in the United States we are absolutely warring within. There is such hatred, and malice towards differencing views. I will not speak my political views, because I don’t agree with either. I see the smoke screen on both sides. My personal opinion, and who I choose is irrelevant. I am given a platform for the lord, not man. So I will speak of the lord, and him alone. We have to quit buying into what we are told, and use our spiritual eyes so we can look past the natural and see what’s truthfully going on. The Pharisees looked perfect, but they didn’t accept the messiah because he didn’t look like what they expected he should be like. It takes spiritual eyes to look and see more than what we visually see happening. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear. Believers we must unite and place aside denominational separation, and stand together. We absolutely must stand together and pray together. Legalism has ran rapid in the church and many have left the church overall because the “rules” they had to follow were overwhelming. There are over 200 different denominations in the United States alone. Mans theology has spliced and picked the toppings off the pizza the want and like, and threw away the rest. I refuse to be one particular denomination, and say the other 199 are wrong. The Bible is the truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. If it is biblical, its true. If it isn’t, its not.

This ideology of perfectionism is obscure and unbiblical, and its causing many to leave the church because man has made this idea of what we Christians are to “look like”. Following Jesus is messy. Its running mascara as you weep for the lost. It’s the Holy Spirit speaking directly into your heart and bringing repentance up to change. Its hard work to pour yourself out, and let Jesus fill your cup up. It is laying hands on people for healing, and casting out demons. Its dancing and singing in the spirit. This perception of perfectionism to look more holy than others is a Pharisee mindset, not a Jesus one. Jesus is perfect. He is the ONLY one who was on earth that lived a sinless life. Even Paul speaks of a thorn in the flesh. Peter walked and talked with Jesus, he knew him; yet he denied him. Every single person in the Bible sinned, except Jesus. We are to model ourselves as him, but instead of pretending, let’s really get sanctified. Let him heal your broken heart. A quiet “praise Jesus” from the pew to pretend to be more holy, as you battle depression but want to appear perfect is not change, it’s a façade. Lay your bondage’s down. Quit picking them up, and get healed. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so you can wear your anxiety like a badge of honor. Are you going to be perfected? No! But you have he who is perfect, inside of you. We must quit perceiving others walk and growing discouraged in our own. Our perception isn’t always reality. We must unite and quit looking at one another’s image, and focus on Jesus. When you focus on self, you dwell on you. You feed your flesh. That grows our desires for what we want, what makes us happy, what we would like. Lay yourself down, and daily pick up your cross and ask God daily, “what do you want? What is on your heart? What do you need me to do today for the kingdom?” People are lost and dying and we are so consumed with ourselves and being right.

Take your perception and lay it aside, let your reality be the kingdom of God and your neighbor will seem like less of a distraction when your eyes are up and not looking to the right or left. Stop allowing someone else’s stained glass masquerade deter you from intimacy from the father, and never allow a hypocrite to taint the image of who God truly is. He is truth, he is love, he is judge, he is healer, he is provider, and he is returning very soon. We must be of a repented heart, and we must share the good news of Jesus. Many are waiting on you to rise up and do what God has commanded of you. Obey him church, seek him in spirit and in truth. Press in for the breakthrough, and don’t give up! The time is now! We are the body, we are the bride. We have to get in position and quit being so offended. We must step into our identity in God. We have to walk in spirit and in truth, or we are going to be blindsided by his return. Do everything for the lord with a pure heart. Seek him any lay down all the baggage so you can go into battle for the lord. Let your reality be in the spirit, and quit perceiving things of the world to be your truth.

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