What Are You Justifying

Sometimes in life something can appear very innocent, but indulging just a bit can lead to tempting you more and more into sin. One moment you’re fine, then the next you are spinning around in a revolving door that you can’t begin to slow down in. People say “how can that happen?” Its very simple. One day I am completely on track. I’m eating healthy, and enjoying fruits, veggies, and water. Then I have the smallest bite of a cookie or piece of chocolate, then I begin spiraling downwards quickly. I’ll be hiding behind the refrigerator door stuffing my face with a cake I’ve made, or a dark chocolate bar. I have to hide because I have four kids, and if one spots me, they all do.

My oldest sons normal nap time was between 2:00- 3:00 pm. I know some feel that’s too late, but its always worked for us. He was doing well with it, the one day I was enjoying the quiet so much that I allowed him to sleep 30 minutes longer. I longed for that time that he was snoozing so I could handle the tasks that an hour just wasn’t enough time for. I felt stronger, and like I was finally able to accomplish things. I found it working for a month or so. Then an hour and a half wasn’t long enough anymore. I needed longer, so I didn’t wake him up for two hours. Wow! What a difference that made. I was able to shower, prepare dinner, clean the house, and do the laundry. I didn’t truthfully notice any difference, so I kept him napping for two hours. Bedtime didn’t change, and I felt like supermom. I was invincible.

Until…. His nap time stayed the same, but he wasn’t wanting to go to sleep until 3:00 now. I didn’t want to mess things up, but I felt out of control. I needed my “me time”. I needed my “self care” so I just complied hesitantly. It didn’t start a problem at first, but then I found him going to sleep later and later. I was going to bed at midnight, and trying to wake up on time, but I kept oversleeping. My bible time in the morning became a thing of the past. Then I found myself wanting to nap instead of being productive. Before I knew it my entire house was out of control. I was completely off my schedule, and I was more exhausted then when it all began.

The point of this story is sometimes we indulge a little in sin and don’t see any ramifications for it. I’m not here to point out specifically what that is, but ask the Holy Spirit if there is something that took the place of the time you used to spend with him. Perhaps it’s something you’re doing that you know you shouldn’t be doing. Sin can enter in many forms. The Bible is very clear about it. Anything that gets attention over God in your life is an idol. Many times I have erased social media. I found myself reading one chapter and scrolling aimlessly through social media for hours. I would compare my current situation at home, and see someone else’s seemingly perfect life, and add unnecessary stress to my life. I knew the Bible verses, “we are not of the world” but I still wanted my home to look like the everyone else. How often do we look at someone and want what they have? Did you know that’s being covetous?

Sometimes it’s a slow fade. Life happens and you feel stressed. So you open a bottle of wine, and you find yourself getting tipsy, you’ll like the sensation. Sin doesn’t come to you in a pitch and horns like were taught about. It comes to you in your most tempting desires. It appears with a pretty bow. Suddenly you feel a blurred line, and come into a grey area where you don’t really care anymore, you deserve it, you justify it. What happens is we give the flesh a little satisfaction, and before we know it we’ve embarked in so much of it that we no longer hear God. Its like we’ve put on headphones. We look around one day and realize we are in a worse state then when we got saved.

When you find your life in chaos, and you hit rock bottom, just look up. God doesn’t give us a license to sin. He doesn’t give us a book of laws. Yes, we have the Ten Commandments, and Jesus fulfilled them, and added another commandment, “to love one another.” But what I am saying is so many believers get so legalistic about so many things that people don’t want to fail miserably trying to be the expectation that the church has put on them. When in fact God gives us grace. We aren’t meant to be condemned, but corrected with love. The Holy Spirit does that in our lives as believers. So I am not giving you a license to sin. But there is grace when you do fall short (because you will) . Only Jesus was perfect. We should strive to be, but God knows the heart behind your actions. He knows we are going to mess up.

Sin can happen so quickly. We can usher it in. It can look appealing, but ultimately it does lead to a distance from the father, and it opens the doors for other “harmless sins.” For a long time I really struggled with TV. God would tell me not to watch something. I would justify how great it was and how it wasn’t going to cause me to sin. Sometimes what we watch, we subconsciously start to desire. Guard your heart daughter of God. The eyes are the gateway of the heart.

The eyes are the gateway of the heart.

The enemy is so deceptive and so divisive. He is so cunning. Even in the garden he tempted Eve. We look back and he says in Genesis 3:4, “surely you wont die.” We get tempted with sin and its so logical to our souls. It makes sense in our minds, it satisfies our emotions. She didn’t die physically that day, but spiritually. Her mind until death was plagued as to her mistake. I am so thankful Jesus fulfilled the law, and we do have grace. Ive realized I am no different from Eve. Ive been deceived many times. Ive fallen short from the glory of God. Ive sinned, but what do we do? Do we continue in our sin, or lay it down and walk in the fullness?

What we like, we justify. And what we justify, we keep

What we like, we justify. And what we justify, we keep. I’m asking you today to analyze your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to shine that beautiful holy light in the darkest corners of your life. Ask him to reveal what you are justifying in your life. Are you spending your time comparing and coveting? Are you making things in your life an idol? Do you borderline worship social media, or even your child, spouse, or job above the lord?. Does God get your first fruits or does he get your last resort “dollar general stop” before the house? Is he your priority, or is something else taking importance? Maybe it is sleep, maybe it’s a level of trying to be perfect, and you are just exhausting yourself. Sometimes we place such a title on self care, and pleasing ourselves. But the Bible clearly states the opposite. He says, “deny yourself, and pick up your cross.” It isn’t the easiest option, but it’s the most rewarding. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is distancing us from the father, and how to put it down.

Father, we love you. We exalt you and we worship your holy name. God were so sorry for what we’ve placed important over you. You are everything. Father I ask you would shine a light on what separates the reader from you. I pray you lead them, restore them, and show your love to them. Show them that that perfectionist mindset isn’t of you, but you just want their heart. You want their time. Not because you want to be mean and harsh, but you want to set the free. We justify so much, and all you want to do is heal us. I pray they would be made whole, and realize that Jesus is so worthy of praise and glory. Obedience is greater than sacrifice, and while sacrifice can be so hard, obedience is what leads them to your heart. Show them your will for their life and how that stumbling block of sin doesn’t hold a candle to what you have in store for them. We love you lord, bless them. Show them your thoughts are not theirs. in Jesus name, amen.

  • Genesis 3
  • 2 Corinthians 5:21
  • John 8:11
  • James 4:17
  • John 8:34
  • Galatians 5:19-21

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