Soul over Sole

I have observed many Christians over the last few days in regards to a topic about shoes. As I share my heart, I would like to start with what sparked me to write this. I have homeschooled my children, but this year they needed to attend school to set healthy boundaries of what’s acceptable/not with school. I felt the Holy Spirit lead this decision. I know before I go further, I’m going to have a scoffer, and that’s okay..

With them attending school, they hear secular music from time to time in their classroom. They are quick to share with me, and ask how I feel about the songs. If it’s something that I deem appropriate, I add it to their music library. If not, we talk about discernment and they know if I say that ”it bothers me”, they respect that. 

So at the beginning of the year my kids were singing “old town road”. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but even when they sang it (because lets all admit, its catchy) I would feel a check in my spirit. Lyrically i couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like it, but something never sat right with me. They rarely fight me, but they wanted to hear it. I firmly said “no”. I never felt inclined to look up the artist. I never felt inclined to read the lyrics. It didn’t sit right with me. This isn’t going to be an easy thing to post, but it needs to be said.

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve seen the shoes the artist has released. If you don’t know, i’ll give you a quick run down. He is calling them “satan shoes”. They have a pentagram on them, a drop of human blood in the sole, and he made 666 pairs. Okay, let’s start with this. Nothing is coincidental. Nothing is accidental. You have to realize even the word play of it being in the sole is in reference to your soul. The slogan is “better to reign in hell, then serve in heaven.” As soon as I read this article days ago, I scrolled through and saw an image of him straddling satan in a sexual position. The only words that came to me were, “he’s being used and abused by the devil.” I didn’t feel led to say anything, but I felt so much compassion, and started praying for his soul. 

My heart ached for the current state of where he is spiritually. Then came the negative flood of many believers i know saying things like, “my kids loved this artist”, “i cant believe he’s gay, and now this.” Children look up to you.” “Homosexuals are bad”, “hes going to burn in hell”, “hes disgusting” even a “god doesn’t like the gays”. As I saw more and more posts come up; my heart felt even more saddened. It’s real easy to point and say what all is wrong with someone.

 I’m not going to be liked for this statement, but better to be standing with God, then liked by people. His actions are not justifiable, but he released that he hated Christians because of things they said to him. He hated how they told him he was worthless, disgusting and going to hell Before he was famous. He went on to say on his personal accounts that their responses are why he came out with the shoes. He would rather “reign in hell with Satan, then serve God.”  Am I condemning his actions to pursue a homosexual lifestyle, no I do not condone it either. However I love many who are caught in it. It’s absolutely spiritual. I’ve seen people delivered from it, but you have to want to be. That takes the Holy Spirit, not spewed hatred. I can assure you the “you’re going to burn and rot in hell” isn’t going to make them want to run and jump in God’s arms. It’s going to make them want to run far away! I can assure you. I had a friend who cared for me, but called me out like that, and it severed our friendship terribly. It made me angry at God. I didn’t want anything to do with religion. I didn’t want to serve a god that made me treat people that way. I learned through the years that isn’t his nature, it’s ours. It’s the love of God that draws people in. It’s the love of God that softens an angry heart. It’s the love that breaks down walls that religion could never begin to scale. 

When Jesus saw the woman CAUGHT in adultery. The Pharisees wanted her stoned. Jesus replied,” he who can cast the first stone, is without sin.” None were worthy to throw it. I’m not worthy to throw a stone. That’s for sure. Daily I ask God to expose me. I want to be without sin. I want to be pure.Have I had a lot of sin in my life, yes. I still battle things. Praise to God for grace. I need it, but don’t we all? 

Jesus says “you hypocrite, remove the beam from your own eye, then you can remove the mote from your brother’s eye.” Essentially saying, quit looking for the splinter in someone’s eye, when you have a 2×4 hanging out of your head. Many use the scripture in Matthew 7:1 to either justify sin, or to harshly over judge the world for not acting like the church should act themselves.. Let me give a helpful reference before we go further. Let’s go to verse 2. For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged. What measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. I’m not trying to pee in your corn flakes here, but…

If you are basking in sin, don’t judge what your neighbor is doing openly. If you see someone that’s a homosexual, but you’re a liar, its the same thing in Gods eyes. Sin is sin, regardless of the scale you measure it on. Also, that doesn’t mean we should be condoning things that are clearly sin. There’s a balance. I’m not trying to be mean, but honest. We need less people with pitchforks, and more people filled with the spirit. We need discernment and wisdom more now than ever. We need more love. We need more compassion. In God’s eyes it’s unrighteousness. The unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. (1 cor 6:9-10) That shouldn’t make you boast of your works; that should pierce your heart, and drive you to your knees. Many among you will not make it to heaven. Many in the pews won’t either. How many people that you pass in a day are lost? How many people are waiting for you to step into what you’re called to, so they can realize what they’re searching for is God. 

This artist in particular and I came from the same hometown. As soon as I realized this, my eyes filled up with tears. My heart swelled.  How many times are we in a hurry to get in somewhere and leave? How quickly are we in a restaurant, and we never talk to people about the love of Jesus. What if we just slowed down long enough to show his love? Did you know most servers hate working on Sundays? It’s because so many Christians are rude, and leave poor tips. If that isn’t convicting, I don’t know what will be. Now, I love many really beautiful and kind believers, but I’ve met some people that really make you doubt their salvation. If we are all being completely honest, we all know someone.

The world can spot a true believer. They notice there’s something different about them. When you radiate with Jesus, people know. They ask how you have things together. They ask why you are so happy. They begin to tell you about their aches/pains/ and stories. When you radiate Jesus, people are drawn to you. When you are bitter and religious, people run away from you. What fruit do you bear? This isn’t meant to be condemning, but so we can really examine our hearts.

 I have to ask myself, how many times did I pass this young man in my hometown? How many times did I allow distraction and inconvenience to muddy the waters of what I was put on this earth to do? I’ve seen the miracles.I have seen the healings of Jesus. I’ve been delivered, I’ve been set free. I have been baptized with the Holy Spirit. Why are we not telling everyone? Can you imagine if we slowed down long enough to look at a broken world, and realized we have the answer? WE have the answer. It’s Jesus! It isn’t just church. It isn’t just programs, and coffee dates. What if we saw the distractions for what they truly are? The finances are temporary problems. The vehicle problems are temporary. The a/c unit going down is temporary, but when you die and enter into eternity; that’s permanent, that’s eternal. Can you imagine if the person who led you to the lord had been too busy that day? 

In a broken world, let us have the heart of God. The orphan, the forgotten, the widow, the sick, the mentally challenged, the demon possessed; why are we not sharing the good news of Jesus? We expect the world to act like the church, but the harsh reality is the church looks more like the world, then the book of acts. What if we prayed? Not about what we want to gain, but sought the heart of the father. What if for a month we shared the gospel with every single person we met? In one month the entire county would be on fire for God. Everything changes when you’ve done things your own way, and you finally surrender and see his full glory. You just stand in awe. I was on the fence for a long time. I lived a broken life that resembled the world more than anything. I was stressed, depressed, oppressed, and distressed. No one wants that. 

Jesus didn’t die for you to remain unchanged. Yes, he died for your salvation, but Jesus doesn’t heal in part. Many will not allow him to heal them. Jesus isn’t coming back for an old withered bride either. This whole mindset of “I’m just a sinner saved by grace, or holding on until his return” is just ludacris. The New Testament church died for their faith. Many in the church can’t even die to a portion of themselves, nor do they want to. Then they turn around and pour vinegar in the pure water, and make it bitter. The world doesn’t want bitter water, They want the true living water of Jesus. Maybe that man could have encountered the pure love of Jesus, and been set free instead of leading many people’s children astray. Many “what ifs” but the truth is, many are very lost and broken like him.

He doesn’t need your cruel words and judgement, he needs your prayers. He needs the light to shine in the darkness, and expose how the enemy plans to use and abuse him, then throw him away. The beautiful thing is God is always reaching out. He is always trying to draw you near. Regardless of our past, and how much we mocked God or hated him, he still wants you. Jesus said, “I give unto you a commandment, love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) LOVE. What if you are the only Jesus someone ever sees in their life? Would you represent him well? 

“Jesus we stand holding your hands and praying for exactly what you want. We pray for your will for everyone who reads this. God shine a light on our hearts and break it for what breaks yours. Break our strong will. Break us of who we think we are, and show us what you really have for us. Give us boldness and a zeal, to not only tell people the good news of Jesus, but to show love to a broken and dying world. I pray we would represent you beautifully as a bride without blemish. A bride who adorns and loves her husband. You have poured your glory out on these last days and I praise you that we’ve seen the miracles, but the presence is all I seek. God the presence is what everything is about. Let us see the lost how you see them. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. Let us be a bright beam that shines so bright that it cannot be ignored. Open our hearts, our eyes, and our ears to what you want us to do to reach people.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

4 thoughts on “Soul over Sole

  1. Emily,
    Thank you for your insight and inspiration. You are truly wonderful and I pray that people will love each other more and hate less. Your message is strong and heartfelt. I am proud of you and Drew and pray for the both of you and your sweet family. Stay strong and pray a lot. We all have some rough days coming but we can be secure in that we can never be separated from God. We are His. We love you. Jeff

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It touched my heart more than you know. We do have rough days ahead. I didn’t want this post to come off brash, but I knew the Holy Spirit was leading every bit of it. I am very glad many saw my heart through the correction and know this was written with love. Thank you so much for sending me this. I needed it.


  2. Emily,

    Never apologize for what the Lord, by His Spirit, asks you to speak or write. The consequences for your obedience and faithfulness belong with Him. I pray that you were prayed up before you wrote this post. I pray this for any of us who represent our Father as Covenant men and women in the earth who seek to live for His glory. We all must live soberly and reverently in the world. You touched on many themes in this post that will indeed challenge some who profess to be members of the congregation of the redeemed in Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. These are days where edifying words, which come from the heart of our Father alone, are needed as He bids His servants to speak them or write them. The hour is late and His set-apart people need to be awake with lamps full of oil and their wicks trimmed. We all need to know when to speak to Him alone in prayer or to others as He directs us.

    I pray His keeping presence is drawing you close to Him.



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