The Heart of the Father

There is power in the name of Jesus. 

I stayed bound as a believer for years, because I didnt recognize the authority I had in my own life. I can remember saying, “the dogs dont even obey me.” Then one day it clicked.  My beloved identity more than my calling, or God’s perfect will for my life. I am HIS child. Of all the names he could have given me for this blog, he gave me the “Potter’s daughter”. We are ALL children of the king. We are princes and princesses to the lord of lords, and king of kings. We are children of the most high God. The God of the universe that always was. The God that created the heavens and the earth. 

Clearly in John 1 the most profound, and simple explanation of Jesus is given. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word from the beginning of time is Jesus! Jesus always is, he always was, he is coming. The Word was made flesh (man). The Word left his deity (Father,Son, Holy Spirit) to become humanity (flesh). He lived to die for me. He lived to die for you. He lived to die for 20 generations after, and before you. He lived to die so God would redeem his first love.

When I truly understood this revelation I had so many questions. Questions that usually were answered with, “We’ll hes God, and can do whatever he wants.” That never quenched my curiousity, it just made me go to him. One day I asked God, “why couldn’t you have just destroyed satan? Why do we have the pain, the sorrow and the headache we have in this world. The suffering, the disgust that happens with children, or abuse. Why?” God didn’t give me a quick answer, but he began to open my eyes over the next few months. 

During worship I would have a vision of angels circling in heaven. I didn’t understand, but I was experiencing the glory of God like I had never experienced. I embraced it, and asked God for more. He led me to Genesis. I would read continuously about Adam and Eve. I went through the garden, and was asking God what he wanted me to see. In the beginning Adam had the authority. He was given anything he could want in Eden. He had authority over everything. He got to just experience pure bliss. He experienced what we work our entire lives to get, and never quite grasp. We all want to settle down after retirement with a beautiful view, an animal in our lap, and just soak up the beauty of this earth. Adam lived it. He ate whatever he wanted, did whatever he wanted, played with the animals, and walked with God in the garden. We usually imagine that Eve was made, and a day later she led him to sin, but we don’t know that for certain. What I do see though is Adam understood dominion and he understood authority. When sin entered his life, he was separated from God. God no longer walked and talked with him like he had. We understand this story from our point of view, it makes sense from our level, but I want to challenge you. 

God took me to a greater understanding one day. I was asking my children why they acted the way they did. A simple question sparked me to say “wow!” I had been asking to see God’s heart in everything. I hope I can convey this in the way the lord showed me. God created the angels. He made them. A description in revelation is given. Day and night, they never stop saying “holy holy holy.” If you’ve been in the presence of God and feel the glory of the lord, you can understand how they just say “holy” day and night. There are times when I’m worshipping that I could literally stand there and just cry holy for days. That’s a beautiful place to be. But satan was an angel in heaven. Satan was filled with pride, and cast from heaven. The Bible gives reference from words of Jesus, “i saw satan fall like lightning from heaven.” ⅓ of the angels went with him. I’ve been in a bad relationship before. 98% of people are going to agree with what I’m about to say. “I didn’t kill and destroy that person. I simply realized it isn’t going to work, and moved on.” God could have destroyed satan, but he didn’t. He cast him from heaven to earth. He gave us a choice. 

Adam was different from the angels. He was created from the earth. He wasnt made to utter the words “holy” because he had to. He had a choice. In the garden God showed his character. He loved Adam. He gave Adam everything he could have wanted. He saw it wasnt good for him to be alone, and even gave him a mate. God created this beautiful and glorious place, and allowed Adam to make every single choice. In the garden there was the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil, but there were trees filled with anything they could want to eat. Adam could lie down with the tigers, and bears. He could fish, sleep, swim, relax, and talk with God. Can you imagine? Then all that love and all that compassion was thrown out the window when he and Eve disobeyed Gods only rule. The first sin wasnt rebellion, but unbelief. They didn’t believe the words the lord spoke were true, and they were deceived by satan. 

Despite their sin, God shows his true nature. He still clothed them. He still showed them how to work, and how to hunt. Despite their sin, he still loved them. Many parents can relate. Despite the actions and decisions our children make, we still love them unconditionally. We help them. We dont want to see them fail. We want them to succeed. Now imagine you created a friend, and that friend chose the devil. Then all of their children chose the devil, and their children’s children. You reached down and tried to love them, only for you to be swatted away. Hell was never created for us, but for satan and his fallen angels, but the scriptures say “hell has enlarged herself,” why? Because mankind overall chose satan over God.

When God saw a righteous man named Noah, he flooded the earth. The Bible literally says, “he regretted that he had made them.” Can you imagine making someone to love you for who you are, to only watch them follow after someone who hurts them. For generation to generation God watched as his own creation chose to be used and abused by the devil verses a loving father. After Noah, he promised not to flood the earth again. But even one of Noah’s sons sinned, and thus creating the cycle again, until Abraham. Then generations later you see Joshua destroying all those who were against God. You see the wrath of God, and that’s preached heavily, but rarely do you see the true love. 

We often place God in this box, where we want to be the ones to logically explain why God does what he does, only to give an answer like, “well hes God or He can do what he wants. “He is God” is an accurate answer, but I ask you to seek his heart. For a moment I want you to think super illogically. Imagine you created everything. You made the heavens and the earth. You made the angels. You made the sun, the skies, the moon, the seas, and every animal was your craftiness. Then you made someone and the whole purpose was for them to choose. It’s one thing when you create a being to sing holy around the throne, but when someone can choose, imagine how hurt you would feel to watch your own creation not choose you. As a parent, it’s painful enough when our kids don’t want to be around us. Oftentimes we force our love in a dominating way that God never would. Think about this, “I’m your mother, you will love me, or respect me.” You can have the perfect circumstances. You can be the perfect parent, and your child can choose to have nothing to do with you. Adam and Eve had the perfect environment and they chose to believe the devils’ lies instead of the truth of the Father. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Jesus restored the friendship and rented the veil between us and God. Jesus restored the closeness that God created us to dwell in. He restored the glory. I can now stand with my arms raised, spinning around and singing off key to any worship song, and he’s there. I can say “Holy Spirit, I need you” and he hears. I can be broken and naked in the shower, and he’s there in the midst of it all. Some of my most vulnerable places are where I hear God the clearest. There’s nothing to hide. He knows the hairs on my head. He knows my heart. He knows my doubts and my insecurities. He knows every shortcoming I have, and he still loves me. He’s proud of me. I’m not special, I just realize my identity. There comes a place where you walk in your identity and you understand who you are in him. Then nothing else seems to matter. Suddenly peoples opinion falls by the wayside. If God is for us, who can be against us?

Often we blame Adam for sin, but we forget to thank Jesus for restoring our lives. When you receive salvation, you aren’t just punching a ticket into heaven. You become a new creation. Your spirit is new, and alive. You were dead, but you became alive. Then you become renewed by the transforming of your mind. Over time and yieldedness, your thoughts become less like they were, and more like Jesus. This doesn’t just happen, you have to actively seek him.

 Friend, it seems like a lot. But the more you feel his presence and his glory, the more you want to be in it. Jesus didn’t die for us to argue politics, or sit on a pew and wither into eternity. He died for a purpose. He restored the relationship with the father, and he paid the debt of your sin. He paid the debt with his life. Sacrifice was the only way. He became sin, who knew no sin. There were no longer blood sacrifices from animals, but Jesus was the final sacrifice. Jesus took back what Adam gave away. Jesus took back dominion. Then He showed his disciples how to walk in it. You have authority. You have dominion, but you only have it through the name of Jesus. 

I ask you to analyze your heart. Ask yourself if you understand your identity. Ask yourself if your life reflects authority, dominion, and power; or if you feel like you don’t even hear his voice clearly. Jesus restored relationship for us to God, he was literally our lifeline. We don’t have to go through a pope, or even our pastor. We can directly speak, and the lord hears you. For many years I was an orphan, but now I understand who my father is. I understand the power and the authority he’s given me for his purposes, and I understand who he is. He’s seeking relationship with you. He isn’t looking for your long list of works, but your heart. Gods looking for those who will sit at his feet and talk to him. He loves those who are yielded to do kingdom work, absolutely he is. But how he loves the personal relationship with his children. When we commune with the father, we operate in the fullness he expected from the beginning. Some are called to preach, some are called to teach. Some are called to nations, but everyone is called to sit at his feet. Lean back, rest, and find your beloved identity in understanding the love the father has for you. That’s what its all about. 

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