Spotless Bride

So often believers murmur about being a sinner saved by grace. Its a terribly vague way of saying “I’m a lukewarm believer who openly sins.” I recognize the ramifications of my bluntness, but this is something that’s been burning in my heart. The lord keeps bringing the title “saints in the hands of a loving God” to my mind. Once you are saved, brought into the kingdom, you are a child of God. I was asking God once what am I? I would see apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, even intercessors always mentioned in the church and I wanted to know who I am. The lord spoke to me as was laid out at the altar. He spoke to me, “You are a child of God.” In that moment it wasn’t the answer I wanted, but for many years when identity would come up, it’s something the Lord always spoke to me. We are saved BY faith, through grace. We are not blood, but a gentile, we are adopted into the kingdom where we cry Abba Father. Do you know what Abba is? Its what a child would say in America as “Daddy, or Papa.” It is intimate. It is personal. It isn’t some distant relative you see twice a year who talks about you. He’s your Father. 

Many in the modern church today portray God in two different lights. That is on both sides of his character, but distorted because they don’t understand his heart.  He’s either some angry mean God who is ready to destroy everything. He is about to send down angels to destroy you, and you better not sin or else. He’s either a bully, or his grace is so abundant that you could slip in it. You don’t have to be accountable for your actions, everything is someone else’s fault. His love is more like a slip and slide of pure grease. His grace is presented like a greasy burger that tastes good, but slowly kills you. 

God is raising a generation that is carrying his heart. This generation isn’t going to simply be millennials, boomers, gen x, or gen z. When I say “generation” I am saying many young and old, but these are the people He’s raised up for this specific time in the world. This is the hour that religion is falling away. This is the time the overabundant grace and prosperity is being brought into the light, the angry mean hateful God is being brought into the light, and they’re being exposed. Many have taken parts of the word and contorted it to be what they specifically want. Prosperity is usually worldly. Its about prospering your soul, your body, your feelings. Anger is usually someone who hasn’t healed from their childhood, or feels mad that they can’t “act like the world.” The angry spirit is usually religion, while the prosperity is a likeness of God without his sovergnity and his majesty. Its like the child who calls their dad for money, verses the one with relationship. It reminds me of the parable of the son who wanted his inheritance. We always focus on that brother specifically. He was worldly, and the other brother was religious. He was dutiful and felt deserving of a reward. Both brothers had impure hearts. Many modern churches operate out of this place. Its no wonder the church buildings are closing left and right. Its powerless and dogmatic. 

Many churches operate without the Holy Spirit and would rebuke Jesus if he stepped into them. Let that really sink in. Read it again. Many churches operate like a business. They are a corporation who write off missions as tax deductible, and who make fun of people in the congregation after the service. Many view people in the world who are lost and undone as filth and scum. Jesus didn’t come for the religious, he ate with sinners. I say this with a heart full of love, when is the last time you talked to someone who was lost about Jesus? This isn’t to bash churches, but to correct.

The lord has been showing me “love” is a word that’s thrown around so messily. Its lost its true and pure unadulterated meaning. It can be likened unto lust, or even a simple meaningless word. A relationship of three weeks doesn’t comprehend love, just like someone in the world cannot comprehend a love they don’t possess. If they don’t know God, they can only love you with what’s inside them. Which is mundane and so insignificant in comparison to God’s love. Love is pure. Love is patient, love is kind. Love doesn’t boast. It doesn’t have to. God is love. God has always been love. His anger was kindled in the Old Testament, but we are in a superior covenant than old. God says to live under grace, OR under the law. 

God is correction. Many in the world don’t like to be corrected. Many in the church don’t like to be corrected either. Many people now more than ever want to be “right”. They will sacrifice their marriages, their children, and everything morals can stand for, to simply be right in their own eyes. They will call 15 people until someone agrees with them, and expel those in disagreement. We’ve become a selfish generation full of selfies, and we are willing to cut anyone who stands in our way of what we want out of our lives. Which is why correction is so frowned upon. The Holy Spirit will correct you in a heartbeat. If you’re reading your bible, talking to him, worshipping him in spirit and truth, and seeking his heart; He’s going to correct you. He’s going to bring up your mistake and make it right. He is going to bring up that sin, and show you how to combat it. Recently he brought up something I said incorrectly and convicted me until I felt sick about it. God wants a pure bride. He isn’t going to condemn you for mistakes, but he is going to make your wrongdoings right. He is going to take the crooked bend and make it straight. He is holy. He is righteous. He is pure. He will not stand in the presence of sin. He isn’t coming back for a pig in a pin, but a bride in a spotless dress. 

A spotless bride can’t be covered in filthy rags. Can you imagine walking down the aisle and as you pass there are small dirty rags all over the backside of your white dress? Many in the church need deliverance. Many in the world are waiting for you to give up your will. Many are waiting for you to die to yourself. Many are waiting for you to pick up your cross and follow Jesus wherever he calls you. Nations are waiting. People at your work are waiting. Your children are waiting. Many people are lost and undone. Many are waiting for you to step into what God created you to be. I say this with love. I don’t want to stand before my Heavenly Father and him say “Look what i had for you vs what you did.” Or even worse “depart, i never knew you.” The time is NOW! The time is NOW. Jesus is returning soon for his bride. He isn’t waiting on you to decide whether you play with fire or not. He’s looking for his purified bride. He’s coming back for those who are a consuming fire. He’s coming back for the ones who have shared the gospel unto the nations, the one who intercedes in the middle of the night, the ones who lay down anything that separates them from the father. He’s coming back for his love. He’s searching to and fro asking “where are my burning ones?” Where are my children who will lay themselves down for my purpose? Where are the ones who have a fire in their hearts and my heart in them?” 

Many are called, and many aren’t walking into their true mantles because they refuse to pick them up. Arise, arise, arise. No more slumbering. Now is the time. Wake up, clean up, armor up, the great and terrible day of the lord is at hand. A few months ago It was my daughter’s birthday and the moon was this beautiful super moon. As I looked up into the sky and had just awe of his majesty and creation. The lord spoke so clearly that I began to weep. The number 222 was on my heart so heavily. I saw many talking about the key of David, but that’s not what God was showing me. The lord brought the scripture revelations 22:20 to my mind. The last words Jesus spoke to John in revelation was, “surely I come quickly.” He said to me at that moment as I gazed at the moon, “I am coming soon, Tell everyone.” I wept for over an hour. This isn’t some mythical story, or history book. This is the word of God. Jesus is the Word that became flesh, to be the perfect sacrifice. Jesus is so real. Jesus is coming very soon. Many will think they are secure, and the lord is saying “I never knew you.” Many will cry about how they went to church every single Sunday, and he will say, “I never knew you,” the word the lord has shaken to my core is “repent the hour is now”. The time is now. The time is now!!. Nothing in this world can satisfy. No religion can satisfy. Believers, it’s the time to assemble. Now is the time to enter into the heart of the father. Now is the time the Lord is shaking everything that opposes him. Lay down your sin, lay down your pride, lay down your will, and run to the father. Now isn’t the time of greasy grace, or anger fueled hatred. Now is the time of the heart of the father, because the great and terrible day of the lord is at hand. I can’t shake it, and I can’t tone it down. God didn’t send his son to condemn the world, but to save it. The word says “Hell hath enlarged herself” and I don’t want to be responsible for the souls that went there, that I could have led to Jesus. 

If you’ve read this and the lord has stirred your heart, cry out “abba father, I repent. I repent in the name of Jesus. Break my heart for what breaks yours. Separate what keeps my heart from you. Open my eyes to the way, the truth, and life. Open my ears to hear the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ, not denominational barriers.. Open my heart to do thy will, and lead me in the straight path. Wash my hands and make them pure. Keep my feet walking in the direction they need to go. Shake me from religion, or things that are taught to keep my attention on money and blessing myself. Shake me for the places you’ve called me. Break me for your will. I ask for correction and the leading of your precious Holy Spirit. I ask for healing in my mind, my body. I ask for you to transform my mind and renew it to your word. I pick up the assignment you have for my life, and I give you full liberty to do and say what you want me to. I ask for you father. I ask for you to open doors that no man can shut. God show me I am a child to you. Hold me, love me, and guide me. Show me my identity is in you, and no person can say anything against what you set in motion. You are pure, holy, and you are love. Help me Holy Spirit in Jesus’ precious name, amen. 

One thought on “Spotless Bride

  1. Wow! I will have to read this over a few times. What a great BA message and He is coming soon. I really believe that. Our Lord is a truly loving God but he is also just and can’t tolerate sin. So glad we have Jesus’ sacrifice for us and the Holy Spirit! Thanks E!


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