A Witch in the Church

My husband called and we were discussing a verse in the Bible. 1 Samuel 15:23 sparked something in my husband, and he was expounding what the lord is showing him. I will start off by saving life has been rather hectic, we’ve recently moved our entire family over eight hours away from our hometown. Life is finally settling back down, and we are back in the swing of things. The Lord has being laying so many downloads into my spirit and I feel so lead to share this one specifically. 

Watch who you allow to pray over you! I will explain. First I want to go to the word about the verse that sparked all of this inside my spirit. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry”. My husband brought out usually half the verse is used, again that’s another day and probably a whole message he has brewing inside. I want to specifically go to the first portion of the verse. “When you hear rebellion is as witchcraft”, we think of many in the world, but it happens so frequently in the church walls also. There’s a lack of discipleship, and a lack of deliverance. Many don’t even acknowledge there are witches among them in the walls. Many are going to find this extreme, but I have a reason for bringing this out. We’ve recently been led by the lord to relocate, and they use a bible translation I’ve never really dug into at our home church. They use NASB, and I’m familiar with the good ole KJV with the strongs linked. Personally, it’s my fav. However, read what the Holy Spirit leads you to read. But the purpose of my sharing is that my husband has been reading that translation, and absolutely loves it. He brought out something very specific. In the NASB version, it says divination in the place of witchcraft. That’s the same thing, ultimately. However it stirred my spirit to think of the woman with the spirit of divination in the book of Acts. 

The scripture reads in Acts 16:16 “and it came to pass, as we went in prayer, a certain woman possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying. The woman followed Paul and us, and cried saying “these men are the servants of the most high God, which shew us the way of salvation”. She did this many days, but Paul being grieved turned and said to the spirit, “I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her”. And he came out the same hour. Her masters saw that their gains were gone, they essentially pushed them into the marketplace. Paul and Silas were beaten, then arrested. Yikes. What she was saying wasn’t wrong. What she was doing, wasn’t wrong. Paul had discernment though. 80% percent of the modern church would allow her to speak in church. Most would say, “what a beautiful woman of God.” Reality is, her master was the devil. Her powers came from the demonic realm. Discernment kicked in, and Paul had enough. He cast the demon out of her. She was operating in witchcraft, even though the things she had said were the truth of God. Wow. Let that really sink in.

I’m bringing light to this. I want to share something that happened to me personally. The lord tested our obedience and our “yes” to go when he said, and where he said. Out of obedience, many thought we lost it. Many had much to say about where God was moving us, but the fruit spoke for itself. The Holy Spirit was in every single move we made. We were at a new place and God had exposed many lies we believed, as well as exposed bondages and places the devil still had strongholds in our life. He was leading us into deliverance. As we are in this new place that I didn’t know very many people, they had this incredible Holy Ghost service. Many were set free from so many bondages. I was personally delivered from an orphan spirit. No one taught this, the lord revealed it. Many will immediately dismiss it, but I physically felt it leave me. It was attached to a lie I believed. With that being said, the Holy Spirit was all over me. I was weeping so hard before the lord. The weight I had was gone, and I felt so much love of the father. It was like that spirit had stood in the barrier lying to me about my worth, and who I was in Christ. It was powerful. So as I would stand to my feet the Holy Spirit would touch me and I would fall down weeping uncontrollably all over again. For hours this took place. Many wonderful women of God just held me and loved on me, they sat with me and just prayed over me. It was beautiful. I went to stand and this one woman in particular grabbed me and my spirit felt immediately zoned off. I felt the peace leave my body, and discernment hit me like a ton of bricks. I stepped away from her, and continued to praise God. The Holy Spirit continued to heal me that night, but I refused to let her speak anything over me. Discernment is a warning from God, its like a little nudge of “hey don’t do that, or allow that”

Months went by, and we continued to attend every service that the church was open. I never saw this woman. I didn’t know who she was, but thankfully we didn’t cross paths. One normal day at church, I turned around and saw this woman sitting behind me. She was beautiful and smiling, the lord spoke to my spirit and said, “she’s a witch!” I immediately tried to justify that she wasn’t, and I was crazy for thinking that. The Holy Spirit would not let me off it. “She’s a witch” I heard again. I wanted to know why God showed me, but I didn’t have any direct order of what to do with that information, so I just quietly prayed in the spirit throughout church. As I was leaving, she said, “Emily, hey. “ then proceeded to have a whole conversation with me. She knew things about me, but not enough to actually know me. At that moment I recognized why the Holy Spirit wanted me to know that she was a witch. I didn’t receive anything she said, and her words were voided immediately. I see the good in people. I see potential, which isn’t a bad thing. However it will bite me from time to time because I wont see a snake, but a large stick. It takes the Holy Spirit telling me “LOOK OUT!’ For me to pay attention sometimes. 

I tell you this because witches are in the house of the lord. They’re in the pulpits, they’re the wives of pastors, worship leaders, and many sitting among you. This isn’t to bring fear, but so your eyes will open and not to trust everything someone tells you, but to test the spirit behind everyone. Test the spirit, be lead of the Holy Spirit where you go, and don’t let just anyone pray over you. (1 John 4:1-6) Just as the anointing can transfer, open doors in your life can allow demonic spirits to use you, or lead you astray. Don’t open yourself up to demonic spirits out of ignorance. Is everyone bad? No, more pastors and their wives love the lord so much that they take being treated like garbage from many members in their own congregations. I know, I’ve seen it. It takes the heart of God to want to stay when people treat you like they do. But I am giving a stern warning that many are not what they appear. It takes discernment. This isn’t the early centuries where witches have a long nose, a wart, and a shiny apple. Many look very attractive, and have a wit about them that seduces people in mass droves to them. Some are very sly, and introduce things that have deep demonic roots in other religions. Many of it stems in idolatry, and usually begins with leading you from God and closer to self. That’s idolatry friend, because you begin to worship yourself instead of the Lord. That’s another conversation as well, and a slippery slope. I have experienced it, and it hurts. I had opened a door to witchcraft from rebellion. I tell you that so you can guard your heart. Stay in the word, and test every spirit. Chances are if someone says something and your spirit cringes, or can’t figure out why you don’t like them; it could be two things. Either they are operating out of something demonic, or you still have sin and bondage and you don’t like the Holy Spirit in them that holds you accountable. For many years I shied away from being blunt about these things, but so many believers are bound. They eat sugar from the funnel, and never receive correction, but candy that rots the teeth and expands the soul’s desires. Many believers are bound and need healing. That’s another post. It’s too long to tie into this.

I tell you this, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. If you find yourself being insubordinate to a godly leader in your life, or refuse to submit to authority and obey Godly instruction/correction, friend repent. That is witchcraft. Now also ministers, if you manipulate your congregation or pulpit you’re standing in to control them or place fear in them; you’re leading the flock astray, and not into the presence of the lord; you also need to repent. Manipulation is witchcraft as well. The passion translation replaces the word witchcraft with manipulation. Let that sink in. God has an order, and that’s not to dominate, but to successfully guide you in your walk with him. Many are lost,and in bondage. Leaders you need discernment. Not everyone around you is supposed to speak into your life. Not everyone on tv is operating in a spirit that comes from the lord, but out of divination. Divination can speak the truth, but it’s where it’s operating from. If you’ve been rebellious, or manipulated people to do things that you want, repent. It says in the last days, many will be lead astray. Many false prophets and false teachers will arise, and now more than ever I see false prophesies daily. I see false teachings of greasy grace. I see many in bondage in leadership, with no intention of accountability or correction from the Holy Spirit. I see many lost and undone in the church. 

People ask, “what do i do?” If the Holy Spirit has revealed you’re operating in witchcraft, renounce it, and repent. Now more than ever is the time to repent. Now is the time to raise up and be who God called you to be. Only Jesus can set you free, and many in the church claim they’re free, but they’re dancing around a chair with a chain on their foot. They move in a circle, when they are meant to dance around sanctuaries and bust open gates for the glory of the Lord to flood in. Allow the Holy Spirit to free you! Allow Jesus to take your bondages and lay down your sin friend. Nothing is worth going to hell for. God has a grace, but God also knows willful sin. Repentence means to turn away. Once you repent, don’t turn around and go back to your vomit night after night. That is willful, not repentive. If you feel an uncontrollable urge and you physically cant stop it, that could be bondage and you need deliverance.

If you feel led, pray with me, “Father, I renounce witchcraft. I ask if there’s any roots that you not only expose it, but break it in the name of Jesus! I repent and I ask for your forgiveness in Jesus’ mighty name. (Speak anything you feel a prompting to say that God is exposing. It may be someone you have ought or unforgiveness towards, it could be an act or something you did in your youth that hasn’t been broken, do as the Holy Spirit leads you,) but say, “I repent of any covenant made with the demonic realm, and I remove any attachments or roots I have. Restore me, make me whole, and fill me with your precious Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name, Amen. 

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