Few choose to answer the call

God sees us at our potential, not where we currently are. He speaks what he has destined us to do. Many people in this world have completed his will for their lives, and some wait until heaven to see what we missed. Ultimately we make the choice. I was in the shower and God exploded this simple truth in my spirit, and I couldn’t wait to get the shampoo out of my hair, so I could jump out,  and write it down before I botched it. The Lord said, “many are called, but few are chosen because few choose to answer the call” wooooh!!!! Few choose to answer the call that God has placed on their lives! Wow! 

It is not going to fall into your lap. It takes faith, trust, and constant communication with God. You must become a student of the word. You have to eat the daily bread, and you must stay in prayer by drinking the living water every single day! I look at some people in the Bible who God used to do absolutely incredible things with, but they fell away from him, and they accomplished God’s will for a season, but untimely didn’t receive the reward. I don’t want to run the race, and not finish. Months ago I was pondering about the children of Israel who were with Moses wandering in the wilderness. I asked God, “Am I going to make it into the promised land?” A little bit later a woman I barely knew at a conference grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a hug and whispered, “God says, You’re going to make it.” Little did I know two months later my whole family was relocated supernaturally. It just so happens to be outside the most dangerous city in the US.

I bring that up to explain where I’m going with this. There are many people in the Bible that are always spoken very highly of, and I am not being cruel and judgemental here. It is something I want to bring out though. King Solomon is always preached as the wisest king, and richest in the kingdom. You’ll hear many preach about him asking for wisdom and how wonderful he was, but you never hear about how Solomon ended up.

 Over the last few years God has opened my eyes to genealogies. For a long time I would read all the “begets” and say “ugh!” Then I realized the importance of them. As I studied David’s lineage, naturally Solomon came into my reading. The more I read about him, the more I felt a great sorrow for him. Was he the wisest? Yes. Was he the richest? Undoubtedly, silver had zero value in his kingdom. I began to study his writings. Proverbs has some of the wisest words that you’ll ever read in the Old Testament specifically, but life application in Psalms and Proverbs help you so incredibly much in your Christian walk. As you read Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon, you see a major shift take place. Depression and lust creep in. In Ecclesiastes you see emptiness and depression in a place of separation from God, and him trying to fulfill himself in worldly things to bring happiness and completeness, but he is just walking in vanity. Then the Song of Solomon is filled with metaphors and imagery of love. He had 700 wives, princesses, and 300 concubines. Ultimately the generational sin of his father was the stumbling block that built up a major altar of lust in his life. In 1 Kings 1 (the whole chapter) it talks about how he began having sexual relations with the people God specifically told him no to. I call them the “ites”. He had sex with the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Hittites, and the Zidonians. It says he loved many “strange women”. These women he began to lust after, which enticed him to sleep with,  and have ultimately led to him erecting false idols outside the temple, so they could worship. As you study, all false idols are irrelevant because they are all satan. But some of these were specifically disgusting. They practiced lude sexual practices, and child sacrifices. He ultimately quit listening to God, and began partaking in worshipping satan. God rebuked Solomon, then he chastised him, and brought up all his father David had done, then he told him how the kingdom would be removed from him, and his son. He spoke about how Jeroboam would have ten tribes, while his son Rehoboam would have them ripped from his hands because of the false idol worship. Then Solomon died. The scripture that always comes to my mind is “what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26) The Lord used Solomon, but Solomon made a choice, and his choice was everything in the world over God. 

Now lets look at Gideon, but more specifically what transpired after Gideon.. Here’s a quick run down if you aren’t familiar with the story. God called him a “man of valor”. What an incredible title to have. He explained he was the least of the least, he was at the bottom of the tribe of Benjamin. He essentially was saying, “I’m from the projects.” We know the story of Gideon. I’ll briefly go over that part. He asked for God to specifically prove himself, and God did three times. God had Gideon get rid of many men in his armies. Then he gave him divine strategy, and with a small portion of warriors left (300 that he divided into 3 groups). They blew a trumpet, and broke pitchers and pots, and the Midianites took off running. So then Gideon kills the two kings of the Midianites, Zebah and Zalmunna, and he takes their ornaments from the camels. He says how he will not rule over the people, and neither will his bloodline, but he requests an earring from each of them. He walked away with 1,700 shekels which was quite the amount. Then you add pendants, ornaments, and the purple robes of the kings. So he set them up for the children of Israel in remembrance, but the children of Israel did what they do. The Bible said “they whored after the treasures.” Lust isn’t always just sex, but it can come in many forms. Idolatry and whoredom are common when discussing lust. It’s a sensual appetite that is regarded as sinful. The children of Israel lusted after the money and the power. It sounds familiar to our society, doesn’t it? When Gideon passed away, they didn’t remember the God who delivered them once again, but they began to serve Baal and Baalberith. Gideons own son Abimeleck deceives and it just spirals out of control all over again. The book of Judges unfortunately continues to go downhill.

You may ask why I am talking about these stories, and my response is because we have a choice. Without Gideon there would not have been forty years of peace, and the armies could have assembled and killed the children of Israel. We could play the “what if’s” all day. But Gideon was appointed by God and because of his obedience, the Israelites were spared. Without David’s obedience in all he did, Solomon would have never been king and built the temple. I can only imagine how the kingdom of Israel would have flourished if Solomon had continued to pursue God like he did women. There are so many life lessons in general in the Bible. Often we give our input, but it’s because we see how the stories end. Can you imagine how our children’s children can comment on our life after they see it play out before them? We have a choice. We can choose to walk in God’s perfect will for our lives. It may be for our generation, or it may go down twenty generations. Our children have a choice set before them too. Many are called to do great things for God. Many are called to split the kingdom of darkness up, and to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus, but few find it. The way is narrow and straight that leads to life, and very few actually find that path in its fullness. Destruction is wide and many will go there, unfortunately. 

I ask you today, will you choose to accept the call on your life? For many years I argued with God about the call he placed on my life, and I wouldn’t choose to walk in it, because it seems scary. For what God calls you to, he equips you for. You are a vessel that he uses for His glory. I can tell you what it’s like to be the children of Israel, and go back to the things of the world, I’ve lived it many times. The children of Israel continually gave into the idols of the land, and God continued to give them back over unto them. Is the idol in your life worth placing above your Heavenly Father? God is holding out his hand, and asking If you’re ready to take the next step with him, or if you want to go back to your old ways and never walk in the fullness he has for you. I am certain God had a higher and greater call on Solomon, and the children of Israel, but they continually went back to their old ways, and were more enticed with things of the world, then of the kingdom. Many are called but few are chosen, because few choose to answer the call. There’s a mandate on your life. The true way into the kingdom is to do the will of the father. Many will say, “Lord Lord, did we not prophesy, cast out many devils, and did many works in your name? He will say, “depart from me, I never knew you” to many who did religious works for him, but never knew his heart. That’s the last thing I ever want to hear. Yes he is a loving and forgiving God, but anything that you whore after, he will eventually give you over to. Will you choose to answer the call and will you choose to follow Jesus wherever he tells you to go? Will the love of God be worth leaving the tv,social media, pride, cars, sexual desires, money, and lying for? Anything that takes importance over God is an idol. It isn’t necessarily a golden statue, but anything above God. What is he worth to you? He gave it all when he gave his life, but I ask you today, is he worth choosing? Is he worth it? Or will the things you choose be worth choosing over him? 

Father I ask you would touch the hearts of everyone who read. You aren’t condemnation, but holy reverent conviction. We thank you father for revealing who we are in you. I praise you for your infinite blessings and infallible grace that passes my understanding. I thank you that despite how we go back to our idols, you are there holding your hand out for us. I realize the day is soon where you will close your hand and your son will return for his bride. I want to be a bride standing in white, prepared for you, not in soiled garments. I want oil in my lamp so I can walk right in with the bridegroom. I pray you would touch the hearts of men, and expose all idols in our own lives. Expose us Lord, and show us how to get over them, and closer to you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

2 thoughts on “Few choose to answer the call

  1. Thank you Emily for this beautiful message. It is a reminder that one or two good deeds in Gods name is not enough to put you constantly in Gods will. We must actively seek his will and accept his call at all times.


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