Finding favor in unfavorable moments

Generally I drink around two cups of coffee a day. I will make it a gourmet style treat. We grind the beans, make the cup, add coconut oil so it melts while it’s being brewed, then I’ll add a splash of milk, yummy creamers, and top with whipped cream and cinnamon.. Is is necessary? No. But that’s how I like my coffee.

The past few days I’ve made it with just a very little splash of milk. I realized something. I like coffee like that, but I LOVE coffee with all the bells and whistles. It made me start thinking of something. How often do we love the things of God when they are about prosperity, blessings, favor, grace, hope, and mercy?.. We all do.. but that’s just a bi-product of sonship. That’s part of just being a child of God. It isn’t something that only a few elect get, but we are Gods children. How often do we LOVE the things of God when they come in the form of blessing? We all do. But how many of us like the teachable moments that are painful? It’s hard to like what hurts you. Favor can also be in suffering, or in trial. Would you love the persecution? No one loves it, but can you find the “like” in the perseverance in the struggle? Can you keep your eyes on Jesus when your body wants to scream and run away?

Sometimes the favor comes in the unfavorable moment. Joseph being thrown in the pit, and cast into prison were unfavorable moments, but ultimately it pushed him into being who God always intended for him to be. Jeremiah had the word of the Lord in his mouth, and continously went before King Zedekiah and told that they were going to be put in captivity of the Babylonians. Over and over again he told him. False prophets were admired, and Jeremiah was hated for his words. Ultimately he was put in a guardhouse (which is a military style imprisonment), and then thrown in a cistern (rainwater well). The favor came when he was released from the prison while everyone else was taken into captivity. He was essentially let go to remain in Judah!

The favor of God doesn’t always look like we imagine it would. Our situation with c**** has been less than favorable, yet full of his favor if that makes any sense. His hands were on us, and his favor kept us. His presence strengthened us and pushed us out of trial and into victory.

There are many who love God for his hand. They love him for what he can give them. It’s like a bad one sided relationship. Could you love God in the struggle? Can you love him in the trial? Can you praise him when you are all sick, or poor? Can you praise him while you’re being beaten? Is your love contingent upon what you believe he can do for you, or for who he is?.. When your image of what he should be, isn’t what you see, can you still thank him? If today all the bells and whistles were gone. If your money and health were gone today; would you still continue to praise and serve him, or would you curse his name?

Jeremiah was a prophet unto the nations, and everyone praises that verse, and quotes that. But what happens when the nations you are called to imprison and beat you? Is God still worthy then? Is he still faithful then? I’ve seen the hand of God, I’ve laid at the feet of God, and now more than anything I just want to seek the face of God. The eyes that burn with fire, the hair that is white as wool and pure. The one called faithful and true. My hearts desire is to be less concerned with my circumstances and for my eyes to never stop seeing the true prize.

People see the blessings, but they don’t always see what it took to get there. It’s the favor of God that keeps you. Many are sick right now, and it’s very real. It’s very hard. Keep your eyes on God, and persevere. Don’t look at this as a curse, but a blessing. Maybe this is a prison moment to strengthen and push you into who you were meant to be.

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